We can all live our lives fearlessly if we choose to. And by living fearlessly I am not talking about not being afraid, what I mean by that is by making sure your fear does not control you.

Ask yourself this question: if I wasn’t afraid what would I be doing with my life? you know the answer and you should do it. if I wasn’t afraid what would I be doing about this situation?

Your answer could be breaking up with a partner because  the relationship is no longer valuable or meaningful to your life, but the problem is that you are afraid because you have been dating for so long and you do not know how to start all over? or for someone else it could be that you are unsatisfied with your job but you are afraid to take the next step in doing what you really want to do.

Well, whatever your answer or situation is , I want you to know that there is hope, something  can be done about it and you have to decide to live your life fearlessly by changing it. The time to do it is NOW.

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