20140214_210428-1Follow your intuition, listening to your dream, your inner voice to guide you – Katori Hall

Some people think following your intuition is not always the best thing to do but my question for such people is, If you  don’t follow your intuition what else can you follow?

The media? Your friends ? The society? Who knows you better than you know yourself?

The mistake some of us make is allowing other people’s voice to be the guiding factor in our lives.

This is not to look down on getting advice from people who care about you or those we look up to ( mentors), I  am all for that but ultimately your intuition should not be ignored.

I have been in situations where my intuition told me one thing but I went ahead and did another,  and at the end I got in trouble (not legal trouble LOL). If only I had listened right?

Sometimes, following your intuition is not always easy, but just like everything else you can always train yourself to get in the habit.

Thanks for reading and sharing !

Love Always


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