20140213_191421Some people have been told that their skin color needs to be a certain color, hence they apply bleaching cream to their skin in other to be attractive or to succeed. There is no rule that says you have to bleach to succeed, matter of fact there are people who have succeeded with dark skin. For instance, the latest Hollywood “IT” girl, Lupita Nyong’o with her flawless dark skin has not only succeeded in winning an Oscar for her performance in “12 years a slave” but has fascinated everyone with her beauty. Arguably, some people are even more fascinated by her rich skin color than her Oscar win.

Personally, I don’t believe bleaching your skin will automatically make u successful or be liked by other people because:

1. If you do not put in the hardwork required to succeed , bleaching your skin from now till the next 5 years will not make you successful

2. If someone does not like you they do not like you no matter how bleached your skin is. Besides who says everyone has to like you?

This is by no means criticizing people who bleach. In fact, this post is not for everyone for this reason : As strange as it may sound some women bleach their skins for different reasons, but if you are bleaching your skin because you believe it is your ticket to success or to be attractive then this is very well for you.  I believe in the quote “if you know better you do better”. Now that you know better what are you going to do about it??

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