Are You Always Nervous When It Is Time To Make A Decision?

20140201_160323We’ve all been given choices in life, and when you have choices, you have to make a decision. While some decisions are small, like deciding what outfit to wear, others are big ones like deciding what job or career path to follow. Making a decision, especially life changing ones could be very nerve-racking.  Sometimes you make bad ones, and if you are lucky there are ways to fix them, but sometimes there aren’t ways to fix them. 

Nervousness isn’t fun, but the earlier you understand how to deal with it the better.

In today’s post, you will learn simple tips on how to curb your nervousness before you make the next BIG decision !! (more…)

Why You May Never Find Your Passion Part 2

imageLast week  I wrote about the dangers associated with comparing your talents to another person’s talent, if you missed it, here is a link why you may never find your passion Part 1 . That being said, imagine how stress-free your life will be when you stop  comparing your weaknesses to another’s best.

Here are 5 important tips that can help you overcome this very dangerous habit and release yourself from it’s negative trap: (more…)

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