IMG_20140717_010708Are you constantly in a state of self-doubt? Are you always comparing your talents to others?

My blog gives me the platform to interact with other people and hear what they have to say about their passion. The one thing I find in common is that people always compare their weaknesses with the strengths of others, so basically it’s like comparing their worst to someone else’s best. This is a big mistake!

Stop comparing your flaws to someone else’s strengths. Dare to confident and embrace your flaws!!!

Sometimes you might think it is easier to indulge in self-pity, however the negative effect of self-pity on your life is larger than you can imagine. If you are of one of those people who wallow in self-pity or always compare your worst to another’s best, it is about time you stop.

Still need more convincing? Here are more reasons you should not get in the habit of comparison..

RT “You will never find what you are good at if you keep comparing your gifts to other people’s talents.” @EwonTV


  • It decreases your productivity: Let’s face it, when you think your talent (no matter what it is) is not good enough, you are not motivated to use it. When there is no motivation, what happens next? There is little or no productivity.
  • It also decreases your creativity: When you compare your worst to another’s best, it gives you the impression that you are not good enough. The sad part is when you feel like you are not good enough, more often than not, you begin to believe that you are actually not good enough. This thought reduces your self-assurance and in turn would suppress your creativity
  • It turns you into a “Negative-Nelly:” Comparing your weaknesses to another person’s strengths could turn you into a negative person. It is natural that when we see ourselves in a negative light and criticize ourselves relentlessly, we also begin to see every other thing in a negative light. The simple truth is no one likes being around a “negative-nelly!” Thus, it will be a mistake to allow yourself fall into self-pity and as a result, turn into a negative person.

Now do you struggle with with self-doubt? Do you find yourself  in the comparing mode?  Have you found a way to stop it? Watch out next week for Part 2 on how to get past self-doubt.

Till next week, share your thoughts in the comment section below and remember someone else may need your advice.

Thank you for reading and sharing you make my day 🙂

Love Always,


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