imageLast week  I wrote about the dangers associated with comparing your talents to another person’s talent, if you missed it, here is a link why you may never find your passion Part 1 . That being said, imagine how stress-free your life will be when you stop  comparing your weaknesses to another’s best.

Here are 5 important tips that can help you overcome this very dangerous habit and release yourself from it’s negative trap:

 Remind yourself that everyone is not the same: This is very important and I think sometimes we forget it. We are all different people and have different paths. Once you understand that one person’s success or failure does not reduce your own success, you will no longer be sad about other’s success but rather celebrate with them happily, because you believe that yours is coming soon.


  • Have faith: Always have faith that you can always improve and achieve anything you strive to accomplish. The moment you lose faith, you allow yourself to fall into self-doubt.
  • Be Positive: Keep a positive outlook to everything. Whether it be a disappointing situation or a failed situation, always keep positive and see everything from a positive angle. Always remind yourself that nothing positive comes out of comparing your talents to another’s talent, once you get that very SIMPLE understanding , your mindset will change and you will start noticing what a waste of time it is to do so.
  • Remind yourself that “no condition is permanent:” It has become a cliche, but the truth is that “no condition is permanent.” The world works in a cycle. Once came fall, then winter, then spring and then summer. That is how it works. You could be going through difficulties right now, while everyone around you is having an amazing time. Don’t compare yourself to them, believe that your “amazing time” is around the corner. 🙂
  •  Remember to be GENUINELY happy for other’s success: When you are genuinely happy for another person during their success, you do not have time to be jealous or compare your situation to theirs. You celebrate their success.  I have noticed that when you celebrate people genuinely, people will also celebrate you !!
I hope you enjoyed this post. Thanks again for reading and sharing! You always make my day better 🙂
Love Always

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