I went to a restaurant on Monday and during the long process of trying to figure out what to order, I almost gave up. But then it immediately occurred to me how important it is to be patient when you really want something.

Well that process inspired this fun guide to help you next time you find yourself in my situation.

IMG_9934Tip 1: Go through the menu.

Here I am checking out the menu !!









imagejpeg_dTip 2: Decide what you want: Making big decisions about changing lives and doing extraordinary things comes easy to me but for some strange reason, making a simple decision on what to eat is quite challenging #Shoot me (LOL)









IMG_3780Tip 3: So here I am 10minutes later, still trying to choose what to eat ! Fun right?










imagejpeg_kTip 4: Finally ordered my food and this AHMAZING drink. For all you drink lovers if you haven’t tried the infused pineapple cake martini. Please do, it’s very creamy, rich and refreshing.








imagejpeg_xTip 5: It’s here. Do I hear someone say yummy. Yep, Yummy it was 🙂









imagejpeg_0-1My patience paid off 🙂 I enjoyed every bit of it.







The tip here is patience. While you may not need help when ordering, always remember to be patient in everything you do in life, no matter what it is.

Enjoy and Share,

Love Always


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