How I Got Inspired by Other’s Success and You Can Too !!

How I Got Inspired by Other’s Success and You Can Too !!

IMG_20141019_081631This past weekend I had the privilege to visit Madame Tussauds in New York City.

What started off as a mere fun visit to see wax figures (pictures below) of famous people,

turned out to be more than just a visit.

While walking down the various hallways filled with different celebrities and non-celebrities

who have helped to shape the world, I could not help but admire the tenacity, audacity and

influence that they have made not only in my life but in the lives of millions around the world.


After I had gotten my admiration/inspiration in check, I felt I had to share a few tips that could also inspire you to be where you want to be someday.

No judging: I mean don’t judge yourself. Just because you think other people have gotten to their destination does not mean you should criticize or judge yourself.

Enjoy YOUR process: No two people’s path to success is the same, no matter what. Your process to success is specifically designed for you so enjoy it.

Be patient: I really cannot stress this last tip enough. You have got to be patient. This might sound cliche but it is the truth “Rome was not built in a day.” Success DOES NOT come overnight, you have to build on it everyday. 

Were you inspired by this post? Feel free to drop your comments for me below.

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