picWhen you wake up do you feel confident ?

Or is your confident level so low you want to run back to bed and cover your head with your blanket?

I’m not talking about the general tiredness we feel because we just woke up.

I mean something deeper, like you not believing in your abilities.

Guess what? Today you don’t have to sit in a room for 5 hours to restore your confidence or read a 500-pages book on how to get your confidence back.

Those days are over, here are my QUICK confident boosters that are saves time and easy to practice daily.

Wear something that makes you feel good — If you are a woman, wear that nice dress in your closet. And if you’re a man? you know you have that Armani suit ? wear it.

Eat something tasty — Before stepping out of the house eat a big breakfast. Don’t have time to make it? Thats easy, buy yourself a hearty delicious breakfast. You would be surprised how food can boost your can boost your level of confidence.

Most times depending on my mood, when I go through steps 1 and 2 my Confident level is up, but if you are having a very bad day, here is my last step that would definitely increase your level.

Fake it till you make it — As funny as this might sound, it is actually serious. Faking it brings a kind of positive energy to your body. When you fake confidence the first time, it will produce good results that you would eventually help you to produce real confidence some day. But you have to take the first step , otherwise there is a strong tendency that you remain stuck in life. Won’t you love your life to move always move forward? Then FITYMI (Fake it till you make it).

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