IMG_20141208_064156-1I came across a quote last week and it inspired to me think deeply about the things that I refused to do in the past and why I didn’t do them.

In retrospect, a scary truth was revealed. Want to know what it is?

PERFECTIONISM ! You might say, well isn’t that a good thing? Well for me, for the longest time it was not. It held me back in so many different ways.

In my own experience being “Miss perfectionist” (that’s what my friends call me as a result of my quest to be perfect) there are two kinds of perfectionism: the healthy and unhealthy.

While the healthy one is NON-judgmental, gentle, allows you see things that you need to work on and inspires you to be better, on the other hand, the unhealthy perfectionist as you may already know is very judgmental, not kind at all and cripples your energy.

It is like a negative voice in your head, it keeps telling that you are not ready? or not good enough?? Have you noticed that when that voice comes up? Fear or Anger sets in?

Immediately all your energy flies out the window? No motivation and when there is no motivation, you get to the point where you just give up and end up not doing anything.

As human beings we have both in us and we can decide which one controls the other.

For me I allowed my unhealthy side control for me for so long. I have lost great business opportunities, friends and relationships, simply because I wanted everything to be perfect.

All these years, imagine the financial growth that my business could have had? or the countless lives I would have affected positively if I had followed my passion and done what I wanted to do with all my heart?

While it may have cost me some really great ideas, actions and so forth, I realized that my story can inspire you to actively refuse to allow your unhealthy side of perfectionism control you, go for what you want passionately and believe in yourself.

We always want things to be perfect but the reality of life is “nothing is perfect.” There is beauty in accepting yourself with the imperfections.

Remember being a perfectionist isn’t wrong, BUT being an unhealthy perfectionist is wrong.
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