Today is the first day of 2015 and as “usual” it is the time for those shitty new year’s resolutions.

I call them shitty because by mid January or if you are lucky, at the end of February every new year’s resolution has gone out the window.

You find yourself going back to your old ways and even worse you start hating yourself for not following through with your so-called resolutions.

Does that sound familiar?

Instead of having a list of “New Year’s Resolutions” that you may never get to which will eventually end up making you hate yourself, here is my approach to eliminating the self hatred and feeling like a failure because you couldn’t follow through.

Set goals not resolutionsResolutions lack motivation.                                                                      There is something about goal-setting that is more motivating than setting a “new year ‘s resolution.” When you set a goal that you are passionate about you are more inspired to get it done.

But also be willing to adjust your goals if need be, life is not that serious.

Checklist vs personal fulfillment.                                                                                                                 Getting a resolution done is about checking things off your list but getting a goal accomplished brings personal fulfillment that inspires you to do more. The personal fulfillment is immeasurable, compared to merely checking things off your list. Don’t we all want personal fulfillment? Heck, Yes.

Cheers to 2015 !! May this new year bring more love and happiness to our lives 🙂

Love Always,



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