Are you tired of searching for jobs and have not embraced online job search?

Do you want to follow your dream and switch to a more fulfilling career but yet you don’t know how?

Worry no more? Why? is here to put an end to your agony.  You may have heard about but you haven’t, it is an online search engine for job seekers.

Here is the good news, Workistry is set to host the biggest online job fair ever!! Over 30,000 employees from 98 countries will be invited plus its free!!

When: July 17th – August 17th, 2015

So job seekers and millennials here is what you have to do, it’s quite simple.

  • Log on to the website,
  • Create an account and upload your CV or Resume.
  • Employers from different Multinational companies will connect with you.
  • And , let your friends know about this event as well. 
  • For  more updates, connect with workistry on Facebook and Twitter or click here.

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