Initially when I thought about success I always thought it was a destination. I always thought it was something that happened overnight.

But a lot of things have happened in the past year that have changed that thought.

When I first started my inspirational blog a year ago my perception of success has changed with time.

I used to always think that success was about getting to a destination, in my own case as a writer/Columnist it was about hitting the big numbers, guest starring on TV stations for interviews, inspiring and speaking to millions of people about their chasing their dreams e.t.c.

In my quest to achieve overnight success..

I noticed one thing…. I was never satisfied with my little achievements; I always thought that I was NOT doing something right.

I felt this trend of being so judgmental on myself but I always ignored it. But it got to a point where I could no longer ignore the judgmental voice in my head. In retrospect who was I kidding? How long did I think I was going to ignore it.?

Well there was one problem and a very major one at that. It started affecting my creativity. I wasn’t looking forward to create anymore. In my own words: my creative juices started to dry up.

As a writer, this isn’t good. Imagine what happened next? Well…Terror became my friend. I was always terrified. What if I never get to write again? What if I never get to inspire people with my blog?

Again, this isn’t good.

Then it struck me. Real and long-lasting success is a journey NOT a destination. I had to train myself to appreciate every bit of it: to enjoy the little views as well as the huge views.

Are you in the creating process right now? Are you struggling with your big dreams? Are you frustrated that the big picture hasn’t arrived yet?

Remember success is not a destination. It is a journey. Only when you understand that every thing you go through is part of success will you open your heart to your process. Then and only then would you start enjoying your success journey?

Where you inspired? Do you totally relate with this post? What is your perception about success? Leave your comments below I would love to read them.

Love Always,


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