I am very aware how overwhelmed we could feel when we are dealing with so much on our plate at the same time.

If you are someone who multitask then the feeling is even worse.

If this overwhelming feeling is not handled the right way it can negatively affect your productivity from right , left and center.

As a career enthusiast, online entrepreneur, sister, daughter and more, I sometimes struggle with feeling so overwhelmed that I never got anything done.

It got so bad that I was so good at stressing out about getting things done rather than actually getting things done.

Does that sound familiar?

I did the “To-Do list” idea but I didn’t get good results, in other words, I felt unproductive, got more stressed, and felt useless.

Then I came up with this quick trick that helps me put the feeling under control. The results?

Low stress level plus increased productivity.

Here we go.

Make 2 Lists. The first one is the “normal” To-Do list but the trick is to create another priority list from the original list. So now you have two different list: The priority list and the To-Do list(which you can still get to if you finish your priority list).

To create your To-Do list, write down everything that you have to do and I mean everything including “what you think you SHOULD do” for that day, week or month write everything down on that list. To create your priority list, pick all the things from the To-Do list that you MUST get done.

Then start DOING everything on your priority list. This unique way of creating and working solely on your priority list helps you to,

  1. Helps you to visualize your “MUST DO” vs “SHOULD DO”                                                    2.Focus your entire energy on things that you MUST DO and get them done                         3.Helps you to get rid of the constant train of thought going through your mind about what you need to do

  2. Big Bonus— At the end of the day even if you don’t get to your To-Do list you can be proud that you finished your priority list, ironically thats the most important.

I recommend that you practice having two list from today, its a win-win situation.

Were you inspired? Or maybe you have a different way to deal with it, feel free to share and leave your comments below.

Love Always                                                                                                                                         Ewon

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