20150501_143613_resized_1When I coach people who need help to live the confident life they really want, I always ask them this question and while you read this I’ll use this opportunity to ask you too: What is holding you back?

Is it shame? When I say shame I mean being shy in general.  Are you one of those people that hide behind their talents all in the name of being an introvert??

I would love to be insert your dream but I’m an introvert so I’m shy.

Does that sound like you?

Guess what? Some of the world’s biggest celebrities including public speakers dealt with shame at some point in their lives? Did you know that lady Gaga was very shy at some point in her career?

TD Jakes shared his story about how shy he was when he first started preaching. Yet he is one of the most popular preacher who has inspired millions of people.

That being said, do you see why you can’t let that one excuse or any other excuse stop you?

So here is my challenge for you my friend !!

Ask yourself this? If there is one thing you could be doing right now that you aren’t , what would it be??

Sometimes we sit around passively and wait for people to give us permission to live the life that we want.

If you want permission,  I give you permission.

After reading this blog post there is no excuse not to live the life of your dreams.

Do it now while you can. As always leave your comments and share your suggestions and inspiration.

Love always,







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