Most times men complain about women not knowing what they want especially the kind of men they want.

But in my line of work , I am blessed to talk to a lot of ladies about this issue and they seem to be precise about the kind of men they want.

So I said to myself, either the men chose to pretend not to listen to what women are saying or there is definitely something going on.

Anyway I compiled this list of the top 4 traits that the modern 21st century women really wants in a guy.


Most 21st century ladies are attracted to money and ambition. I get it.

That being said, most of them are also setting big goals and working so hard to also make their own money, so it is only fair that you aren’t a bum and by bum I mean sitting in the house all day waiting for your woman to bring food to the table (oh yes this happens) OR being satisfied with your current position and no future plans to move forward.

Be ambitious, work hard, have a plan and purpose and get on with the business of achieving it.


While women love ambitious, goal-getter men, however an ambitious man with no compassion is so unacceptable. It’s like trying to start a car without an engine , I mean if you drive or have been driven you know its impossible to start a car without an engine.

These days a lot of men seem to replace care and thoughtfulness for ambition. They think that if they are very ambitious then NO need for care, attention and thoughtfulness. It is no mistake that a lot of “ambitious” men cannot hold a real woman down because they believe their money is enough to keep her.

But a real woman knows what she’s worth. She knows that no amount of money can buy her love. No amount of money can buy her affection. If she loves you she loves you all the way, money in the bank or not. All she needs is for you to show her respect and reciprocate her love rather than the assumption that buying her luxurious gifts will keep her.

It’s no surprise that such men these days settle for less, I call them the fast-food girls. You know the kinda girls that are only a phone call away. (I shall not go into too much details about those girls in the post, I will save it for the next post 🙂

Integrity: Ladies want men with integrity.

A man can have all the “Abs” in the world, spend almost 24 hours in the gym but if your integrity is zero, then I don’t give a damn.

Why would you put so much effort on how you look and zero effort on your integrity? Abs can get you a date with a girl but your integrity determines if she keeps you or not.

Personality. Please don’t be a drag!! Women want a guy who is fun to hang around with not just leave her to carry on with the conversation.

There is something that attracts the modern woman to that man with a great personality. And please guys don’t be shy, let your real self shine through. Be different. Be creative. Be you.

Can you relate with any of theses traits? or is there a trait that I didn’t discuss here?

As always, let me know your thoughts in the comment section and of course share with your friends, you never know who needs this message.



P.S- Guys its not so hard!! Just put in some effort 🙂




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