A lot of times people talk shit about us or hate on us for no reason.

And it is only human to react to these haters by defending ourselves verbally or through subtle social posts. (Yeah I know you do this )

But at the end of the day, insulting them on social media or secretly praying for their downfall will NOT solve anything. It slowly turns into an uphill battle and you will never win. You know why???

These haters are jobless, so they have all the time in the world.

These 3 tips will save you all the headaches and emotional drama. Thank me later 🙂

Visualize what you want.

If you are going to make them shut up then you gonna have to figure out what you want from life and go about the business of doing it. Know what you want, Visualize it and do whatever it takes to make it happen.

Focus on your goal.

Once you have figured out what you want then you need to bring all your focus to your goal. You need focus as much as you need air to breathe, else you will get dragged into their jobless life and start believing their crappy talk and you may start to develop self doubt. You don’t want that do you? 

Work hard.

Don’t waste your precious time (which by the way is very limited) on haters by engaging them with their pettiness. Work very hard to make your goals come true so that while you are smiling to the bank they can be depressed and eat their words back.

Be Successful.

There is a popular saying that success makes haters keep their mouth shut. As simple and cliche as it sounds it is very true. When you show them that their shitty talk means nothing to you and you prove that by being very  successful no matter what they say about you, they will have no choice but to shut up and respect you.

As always leave your comment below and tell me if any of these tips were helpful, even if you have a different way to deal with haters let me know as well.

Love Always


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