Have you ever wondered why a certain group of people always stick together?

If you think back to high school, everyone seemed to have their own clique, the popular ones always stuck together, the unpopular ones stuck together and of course the smart ones stuck together !

Well if you never thought about it, I certainly wondered why, it took me a while to figure out why, but when I did the results certainly changed my life.

It is because you become what you attract into your life. Knowing what you know now, here are the 3 people that you need to start spending time with.

Surround yourself with successful people. Did you know you become the top 5 people you surround yourself with? There is a popular saying that goes “your network is your net worth” and that is so true. Someone once said “If you hang out with 5 millionaires and you will become the sixth.” Well, surround yourself with poor people and fill in the blank

The good news is that you can change your network. Yes, just because someone has been your friend for 20 years and he/she is not leading you anywhere does not mean that you should stick with them.

Apart from letting go, sometimes you might have to invest in yourself to change your network, sometimes you may have to read books written by successful people, sometimes you can watch their speeches online, whichever way you can, make a conscious effort to surround yourself with people who are already successful. You can learn from their robust experiences.

Surround yourself with mentors. Mentors are usually people who already have what we would like to have or have been where we want to be financially, personally or career-wise. Think about those people that you look up to and write down why.

Also make a list of what you really love about them or something that makes you attracted to them. For example, one of my virtual mentor is Oprah and I like the fact that she is unapologetically confident about who she is.

You should get yourself a mentor because your mentor can challenge you to become better and achieve the great things you wish to achieve in your life. A mentor can also help you with a sense of where you want to go and more importantly how you want to achieve  And please I know we have friends and family members who support us but the benefits of having a mentor who has actually been there and done it are incomparable. Trust me if you want to learn and grow faster you will definitely learn from their experience.

Surround yourself with positive people. Do you know at least one person that is always positive? It just feels like no matter what happens around a positive person, they ALWAYS have a positive and optimistic towards everything life. I credit myself with being positive but I must confess I still struggle a bit to always be positive. During my “down time” I call up a positive friend and allow them to bless my heart with positivity.

Positivity has a strong force so does negativity. While negativity drains your energy, positivity expands your energy and helps you feel alive. Being around positive people definitely has its own perks so be sure go be around at least one person has a positive outlook about life.

I hope you find this post inspiring an please leave your comm
ents below, I love to read them.

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