About Me

I am a firm believer, dreamer, love to inspire, motivate and connect with people. My goal is to motivate you to make a difference by writing and sharing inspiring articles that will encourage  you to think positively and strive to reach your highest potential.

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Hello, I am Ewon…

Hi there! I’m Ewon Adenomon, life coach and founder of Ewontv.com. If you are TIRED of living the “status quo” and would like to ditch the average life and make a difference, then you are in the right spot. My goal is to motivate you to make a difference in your life and live life on your own terms. I work with women who have a gut-feeling that they are here to live life on a greater scale but feel stuck or lack the confidence to step into their greatness. Through my coaching programs, e-book, inspirational articles and videos, I will provide you every resources and actionable steps both by intuition and proven strategies to help you strive to reach your highest potential. I really believe that anyone can achieve whatever they want in life, look at the likes of Oprah (poor black girl from Mississippi, billionaire and now owns her own network) My life’s passion is to help others achieve their highest potential in life and nothing beats the satisfaction and sense of fulfillment I get when I am able to do just that.

If you ask me what I love about myself, I would say that I am extremely unconventional. It took me a while to accept this side of me but when I did the freedom was and is still refreshing and I am living the life that I love and teach women how to completely say goodbye to trying to fit into a box and let their inner goddess out. In no way I’m I claiming to be a perfect coach but I am committed to bringing you the very best of what I have learned and continue to learn to help you live your best life.

I’m all about fun-filled approach to coaching and self-development because what’s the point if you aren’t having fun right? So if you would like to find your purpose, chase your dreams and live life passionately but yet want to do it in a sexy, cool, unconventional way then I am your gal…

Love Ewon

Other fun things you might like to know about is: I talk a whole lot, in fact I was that kid in school that always got in trouble because I talked too much in class plus I had a way to get all my friends in trouble too.


I am the first sibling and an older sister to a lovely 13year old and 10. They are my life right now and I love them so much. I am also an aunty to lovely nieces and nephews and cousins, know the cool part about that? I am that cool aunty that never pressures them to get married , pretty cool right?

I am also a F-O-O-D-I-E, I think I might have been a chef in my old life but then again I also think that I was a performer? Go figure!

Professional Bio

Ewon graduated from Emerson College (Boston, MA) with a masters degree in Journalism. While in Boston, she worked at WERS Radio and also did some reporting and live interviews for W-E-B-N news. She interned at ABC40(WGGB-TV), where she had the privilege to interview several important personalties including the Mayor of Holyoke,MA, the Commissioner of the Department of Public Health and several others. She also produces and write stories weekly for Ewontv.com.


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