How To Overcome Procrastination in 2016

How To Overcome Procrastination in 2016

Happy new year,

Hello #lovelies, I hope you had a great holiday and hope you are ready to get back in full action to take 2016 by storm.

You can absolutely re-shape your life anytime you want, you don’t have to wait for January 1st to do that but just incase you are struggling to get your goals off the ground in 2016 due to procrastination, then this post is absolutely for you.

Procrastination is just another form of fear. You may not realize it but when you procrastinate there is usually an underlying element of fear, it is you submitting to fear: fear of the unknown, fear of what other people will say or just mere laziness.

Either way, it isn’t a good thing and you ought to overcome it the best way possible.

When I find myself procrastinating, the best way that I overcome procrastination is by ACTION. You gotta move past the BS you’ve constantly told yourself and actually start doing what you want.

Action doesn’t mean perfection. A lot of times we tend to suspend our action because we are waiting for everything to be perfect. We say things like “If I get money then, I will be happy” but the good news is you don’t have to wait for everything to be perfect before you are happy and/or achieve your goals. Sometimes waiting for things to be perfect can put you in a position where you never get anything done in the long run.

By now you should have set some goals for 2016 but just incase you haven’t, it is not too late to do that too!!

After you’ve thought about what you want to achieve in 2016 and guess what? They don’t have to be very lofty (but hey if you love lofty goals, be my guest). Write down those goals and start doing what you have to do to get there. It could be very small steps but its more rewarding if you take those “small” steps because they will eventually lead you into taking bigger ones.

So where you inspired by this post? I want to know in the comments section below. Also tell me if you have a different way of dealing with procrastination? Leave your comments below, I will love to read them.

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How To Stay Positive When Sh*t Goes Down

How To Stay Positive When Sh*t Goes Down

We all have some of those days when things get REALLY tough. I mean right from the moment you step out of your bed you get that “this day doesn’t feel right” feeling.

I certainly have had those days, multiple times and I get really frustrated with everything.

Aye, what to do when yo are in that mood. These are some strategies that have helped me get over those sh*tty days.

1. Treat yo’self to a yummy breakfast. Eat good food especially breakfast. As a foodie that I am, this isn’t really a problem as I love to eat every time:-) but even if you aren’t a foodie, research shows that a good breakfast will not only protect your heart and lower your risk of diabetes it will also give you a mental edge and keep you moving.

2. Meditate– Yeah you heard me. In this day and age where there we get easily distracted with information especially on the internet, you gotta be able to meditate I know that you might be thinking “meditation isn’t for me” or simply you don’t know how to. For those of you that don’t know how to meditate, it is really simple but first you have to change your generic assumption of what you think meditation is.

The idea of meditation is to clear your mind of clutter. So you can talk a walk or find a quiet place to to relax your  mind. The moment you do that, you help to get rid of the toxic energy in your mind.

3.Talk about it. Another strategy that works for me is when I get to talk about with with someone who supports me. Trust me, staying positive sometimes could literally be a phone call away. You can call you friend, your partner or mentor and just talk it through. And by talk it through, I mean “to vent” and sometimes cry if you have to.

Yeah, if it gets really bad, give yo’self the permission to cry.  It is better to cry and let it all, than to store it inside. Been there done that, not a great idea. What about you? what do you do to stay positive?

4. Don’t resist it. Sometimes when things go wrong we always try to resist it by coming up with various ways to create a different reality. Does this work? Most times it isn’t really about resisting , you might be able to get things right simply by accepting and embracing what it is happening. The law of resistance states that “you magnify whatever you resist.”

I have learned ( the hard way of course) that by resisting you are actually giving it more power over your life that you are willing to acknowledge. For the most part, when things go wrong or shitty, it is about learning the lesson which it is here to teach and move on.

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