5 People You Need to Break Up With in 2015

5 People You Need to Break Up With in 2015

IMG_20150105_095501Hello Everyone, hope you had a wonderful holiday celebration? I certainly did!! The truth is I must have gained pounds during the holiday season. About time I hit the gym 🙂

In the spirit of the new year, we should aim to set goals not resolutions click here to find out why.

As fun as it is to set a goal, there are a few challenges that may stop us from getting them accomplished

Note that these challenges may come in different forms. It could be financial challenges, negative people in our lives or just laziness.

Today’s blogpost will help you identify certain people that you need to let go so that you can become your best. That being said, here are the people you need to break-up with in 2015. (more…)

A Fun Guide on How to Order !!

A Fun Guide on How to Order !!

I went to a restaurant on Monday and during the long process of trying to figure out what to order, I almost gave up. But then it immediately occurred to me how important it is to be patient when you really want something.

Well that process inspired this fun guide to help you next time you find yourself in my situation.

IMG_9934Tip 1: Go through the menu.

Here I am checking out the menu !! (more…)

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