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My goal is to inspire you to become the confident person you’ve always dreamed about! You will learn to love yourself, embrace your flaws and be inspired to make a difference.

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Work With Me

My goal is to inspire you to become the confident person you’ve always dreamed about! You will learn to love yourself, embrace your flaws and be inspired to make a difference.

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This too Shall Pass!!

Have you ever been through tough times and you think the devil and his cohorts are LITERALLY out to get you? Like you just want to throw in the towel and forget about life? Have you ever felt liked you have worked so hard for something and it just wasn’t working out the way you planned? Well that was me last weekend and I was beginning to think negative thoughts like “well maybe this isn’t for me” maybe I am not good enough to get it blah blah you know how it goes downhill from there. I completely shut down, fast forward 3 days later, to avoid going insane I picked up my phone and called one of the few people in this world that I can trust with my life. Speaking of support system, if by now you don’t have a proper support system then you should, there is nothing better than having people who encourage you in your down times, it helps. She cheered me up but I still felt a little upset, I still did not feel 100% right I tried to put on my big girl pants and act tough but I noticed one thing… I still did not feel better. And then I had an aha moment like Oprah would say, and immediately I dropped the act and decided to be. Just be in the moment. To take it all in , even though bad but just take it in and trust that this too shall pass and guess what? It did. So here is my question for you: Are you hiding your true feelings (even though admitting it... read more

5 Easy Beauty Hacks That Every Girl Should Know!

We can agree on one thing; beauty is difficult. Trying to maintain your look without spending your bank account is a way out. There are millions of hacks you can use to keep up with your amazing look, but here are five I’ve gathered for you guys! 1. 🍋Lemon Juice. 🍋 Apply lemon juice to your face to shrink pimples, and get rid of blemishes/scars. Not only is lemon juice used for cooking, but it can help your skin! Lemon juice has natural antibacterial properties that makes it a good alternative to help cure acne and prevent further breakouts.  Age spots can be diminished by applying lemon juice to the discolored area. This works best if you apply the lemon juice and leave over night. 2. 👶Baby Powder.👶 if you’re running late for a day with the girls, baby powder is coming to your rescue. Applying a bit under your arms will make you sweat and stink-free. You’ll be safe for a couple hours, at least. 3. Vaseline. It gives protection for minor cuts and burns. You can find it in drugstores or pharmacies, places like Walmart, Walgreens, for at least two dollars. You usually use it for dry skin or small cuts But it can be used more then that! Dab a tiny amount of petroleum jelly on your cheeks for an amazing gorgeous glow-y touch to your cheeks. It’s a money-saver, and it illuminates your cheekbones. Bye bye, blush! 💁 4. Coconut Oil. Keep your money in your wallet, people. Instead of rushing to Walgreens for some EOS, just go through you kitchen cabinet, and get some coconut oil! It’s a natural lip balm! Just dab a bit on those... read more

3 Tips to Shut down “Haters”

A lot of times people talk shit about us or hate on us for no reason. And it is only human to react to these haters by defending ourselves verbally or through subtle social posts. (Yeah I know you do this ) But at the end of the day, insulting them on social media or secretly praying for their downfall will NOT solve anything. It slowly turns into an uphill battle and you will never win. You know why??? These haters are jobless, so they have all the time in the world. These 3 tips will save you all the headaches and emotional drama. Thank me later 🙂 Visualize what you want. If you are going to make them shut up then you gonna have to figure out what you want from life and go about the business of doing it. Know what you want, Visualize it and do whatever it takes to make it happen. Focus on your goal. Once you have figured out what you want then you need to bring all your focus to your goal. You need focus as much as you need air to breathe, else you will get dragged into their jobless life and start believing their crappy talk and you may start to develop self doubt. You don’t want that do you?  Work hard. Don’t waste your precious time (which by the way is very limited) on haters by engaging them with their pettiness. Work very hard to make your goals come true so that while you are smiling to the bank they can be depressed and eat their words back. Be Successful. There is a... read more

4 Traits the Modern Woman Wants in Her Man!!

  Most times men complain about women not knowing what they want especially the kind of men they want. But in my line of work , I am blessed to talk to a lot of ladies about this issue and they seem to be precise about the kind of men they want. So I said to myself, either the men chose to pretend not to listen to what women are saying or there is definitely something going on. Anyway I compiled this list of the top 4 traits that the modern 21st century women really wants in a guy. Ambition Most 21st century ladies are attracted to money and ambition. I get it. That being said, most of them are also setting big goals and working so hard to also make their own money, so it is only fair that you aren’t a bum and by bum I mean sitting in the house all day waiting for your woman to bring food to the table (oh yes this happens) OR being satisfied with your current position and no future plans to move forward. Be ambitious, work hard, have a plan and purpose and get on with the business of achieving it. Compassion While women love ambitious, goal-getter men, however an ambitious man with no compassion is so unacceptable. It’s like trying to start a car without an engine , I mean if you drive or have been driven you know its impossible to start a car without an engine. These days a lot of men seem to replace care and thoughtfulness for ambition. They think that if they are very ambitious then... read more

Get to know Ewon

Ewon graduated from Emerson College (Boston, MA) with a masters degree in Journalism. While in Boston, she worked at WERS Radio and also did some reporting and live interviews for W-E-B-N news.

She interned at ABC40(WGGB-TV), where she had the privilege to interview several important personalties including the Mayor of Holyoke,MA, the Commissioner of the Department of Public Health and several others. She also produces and write stories weekly for Ewontv.com.

Her goal is to inspire you to become the confident person you’ve always dreamed about! You will learn to love yourself, embrace your flaws and be inspired to make a difference.So if you would like to chase your dreams and live life passionately but yet want to do it in a sexy,cool,unconventional way then Ewon is your gal.


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